The Masks We Wear

As women, some of what we have been taught has failed us, especially when it comes to how we show up in business. when I was younger I wanted Independence and Financial Freedom but whether it was said out loud or expressed subconsciously, being my normal open, intuitive and vulnerable self was not accepted or encouraged. Instead, I learned there was no place for feelings in business. I put on a mask. I dyed my hair brown, I put on a suit, suppressed my feelings and ignored my intuition.

I adopted a linear and task-oriented structure, which robbed me of my passion... and I lost my sense of self.

I am grateful to welcome the following panelists to share their insights with us:

  • Michele Warton - Owner and CEO, Trucking and Transportation
  • Lena Gurguis - Owner, Asset Management
  • Carol Bass - Real Estate Agent, started in police services
  • Michelle Brown - Senior Director, CIBC Mobile Mortgage

Here is a taste of what we will be covering:

  • What is holding you back and why?
  • What knocks you down and how do you get back up?
  • Do you feel ashamed or guilty when you succeed?
  • Why are women leaving the corporate world and why do we need them?

My goal is to provide you with an open space for discussion so you can have your own insights about current challenges in business, including what it takes to be successful in a male-dominated world. You do not have to wear a mask to be accepted. Continue the conversation with a bite to eat, mingling and live music from DJ juSt b. Come celebrate in a fun, relaxing, and juicy environment.

I’ll see you there!

— Sophie XO