The Cost of Economic Success

As women, we are more independent and have more economic power than ever. But from my research I’ve found that we are also sick, lonely, unhappy and unfulfilled.

For a long time I sacrificed my feminine side for economic success—but it came with a huge cost: My Health.

What do I mean by my “feminine side”? While both masculine and feminine energies are equally necessary, we tend to favour the masculine especially when it comes to business. Those unique feminine qualities, such as openness, reciprocity, flow and grace tend to be disregarded and ignored in favour of competition, aggressiveness and hierarchy.

It is time we step up to the plate together, and learn how necessary and useful the feminine qualities are, especially in business. Embracing our feminine side allows us to:

  • Connect to our feelings, listen to our intuition and understand others better
  • Be a stronger leader and create more followers by engaging the human heart
  • Create team building environments as we begin to view each other as equals
  • Be patient with each other and listen better, allowing us to close more sales
  • Release the need and struggle for power and authority over another

...These qualities allow us to bring the best out of people so we can collaborate, create, and inspire others to take action. They are especially useful in business, but we have ignored them for so long.


— Sophie XO

Change happens
with open dialogue.