A Catalyst for Change

We have heard before that we can’t control anyone else’s behaviour, and we can’t make another person change.

But what happens when we, as individuals — as Men and Women — expect the other to change?

Not only do we start to ignore their unique qualities as individuals, but we begin to undermine their strengths. As women, we naturally know how to evoke emotion, create intimacy and lead from the heart to inspire action. We know how to make people feel good. Men lead by winning, they love the rewards that come from doing their best and pleasing those around them—and they want to do their job and perform it well.

If women can learn from the men about how we’re truly showing up, focusing on changing the men’s behaviour so we can “fit in” will be irrelevant. And if men can see how their nature is not something that needs to be changed in order for women to thrive, then perhaps they could further embrace our approach to business.

Are We, as women, expecting men to come at it “our way” when it comes to business? Are Women operating on old conditioning they learned from their grandmothers, without meaning to? Are WE willing to develop and change ourselves?

Let’s try to stop changing each other, and instead listen and collaborate so we can play the game the new way!