Volume One: A Woman In A Man's World


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An Interactive Learning Event For Women & Men. Through awareness we create change. 

I have a burning desire in my heart to help human beings reach their full potential.  I believe through awareness we create change... so... I started hosting events to talk about edgy subjects. 

During my first event, A Woman in a Man’s World, we heard from an all-female panel of business leaders.  At the second event we got to hear from both the women and the men so we could gain both perspectives on the issues of equality, stereotypes and social stigmas.


As we were sharing, it became clearer to me... we all experience shame and judgment.  I believe to be free, happy and to reach our potential, we need to let go of the past! For this reason I am speaking up. I'm pretty sure we have all done things tin our past that we are not proud of, maybe even ashamed. 

For me, my most shameful experience happened in university, over 15 years ago! I choose to strip.

I never spoke up publicly until now.  I was afraid of being judged for a decision that was right for me. We hope that by talking about how we let go of judging ourselves and others, how we face our fear and break free of feeling shamed, it will empower you to do the same.