💙 The Voice In Your Head

Shut up, stop talking to me.

I don't want to believe what you have to say. What you have to say is so negative. I know if I listen I'll never produce the results I want, I will not listen to you any longer.

Do you ever have this conversation in your head?

"You're not good enough.”
“You're stupid.”
 “You have to be the bigger person.”
“You hit your peak early.”
 You'll never know how to master this social media stuff.” 
“Life is hard." 

God, I know we all have the voice in our head, but what's the purpose? Sometimes I wonder. I'm sure the voice is there for a reason. I'd hate to admit it, but the voice in my head can be so negative and so mean. If somebody heard me talk to someone else like the way I talk to myself they would say: "Sophie, stop being so cruel!"

I sometimes wish there were someone in my head to tell the voice in my head to stop talking to me like this.

Where did this voice come from? 

I can only assume it comes from old programming. Not sure where I learned it. Not sure where I heard it. All I know is I got it.  To be honest, almost every day I fight the voice in my head. It's like me against the voice in my head to go for my dreams, to go for my hopes, to make my life turn out.  Sometimes, it’s me against the voice in my head to get out of bed! LOL

I wonder sometimes; “How am I as successful as I am, how do I get anything done with the voice in my head?” What I do know is that I'm not my thoughts. The voice in my head is not real.  I know my job is to focus on positive thoughts, focus on my dreams and keep moving forward. I do know that my thoughts drive my feelings, and my feelings drive my actions, and my actions produce my results.


And so, when the voice in my head takes over and is driving the bus and taking me down the wrong path, I know my job is:



I've learned to be careful and not to always listen to the voice in my head. I've often had to take a time out and choose the thoughts that serve me and let go of the ones that don't. I've learned to take time and feel the feelings associated with my negative thoughts and look into the future and see if the results those thoughts and feelings would produce are the results I want. I'm never surprised that when I look into the future, those are not the results I want, so I've learned to wait to take action until I've let go of the negative voice in my head. Some days, the voice in my head gets the better of me and keeps me stuck, stuck in fear, worry, anxiety and doubt. Quite frankly it paralyzes me. BUT!!! It doesn't always win.

It’s funny how the voice in my head, something that is NOT REAL, has so much power. I guess knowing the voice in my head exists is half the battle.

Don’t give the voice in your head the power to take your dreams away. It’s not real.
— Sophie B.

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