💙 F*ck the Pink Tax

Did you know I was charged more?

Not only do we make less on average, we pay more! WTF?!


Being a woman is hard enough. I’m not saying that being a woman is harder than being a man. I’m saying that we have challenges that men don’t have to deal with (like a menstrual cycle, for example). And the fact that there’s this thing out there called the “pink tax” actually infuriates me.

I say, “Fuck the pink tax!”

How is it that the things that we women need to take care of ourselves and our bodily functions have a higher tax on them than the things that men need to take care of themselves and their bodily functions?

For example: it costs more money to buy a pink razor than it does to buy a blue razor. Now, if that’s not discrimination in some way, I don’t know what is.

I’m not sure that we can actually change the fact that there is this “pink tax” and I’m definitely not going to lobby for it—it’s just not where I want to put my energy. But, what I will say is that as women, the way to fight back is to make more money.

And what I want to do is: I want to help you focus on the areas that can help you make more money so that you can afford the things that you want to afford. Because the tax may not ever go away. Or at least I don’t think it is. Sad, I know.

I believe there are 3 areas to focus on when it comes to your personal and professional development:

  • You want to develop your mindset; how you are thinking. This impacts how you are showing up in life and how authentic you are.

  • You want to develop your emotional intelligence and communication skills; your ability to read the energetic dynamic between yourself and another human being. Your ability to feel your feelings, to communicate your feelings, to read another human being’s feelings, and to have empathy and compassion for what’s going on in the conversation.


  • You want to have strong business acumen. You want to have an understanding of the strategies and the processes that are going to help you move yourselves forward in the business world. I feel it’s really important that we do understand business acumen as in business lingo, strategies, and processes so you can communicate with other business people and so that you can play the game of “MAKE MORE MONEY” and be competitive.

I believe developing yourself in these 3 areas will support you in getting a promotion in your jobs or close more sales if you are an entrepreneur.

What saddens me is that not only do we have a “pink tax”, women, on average, make less money than men. We have less retirement money than most men do. We understand finances and financial investing on a whole, less than men do. We tend to work fewer years than men. We live longer than men and we are likely to be single at some point in time in our life.

And this upsets me because I feel like our financial disadvantages that we have as women, compounded by the pink tax, does not set us up well for retirement.

It is one of my goals to support women in the understanding of financial intelligence. I want you to have better skills and mindsets and business acumen so you can go make more money. And I want you to invest it properly so that you have more money when you retire. That’s really important to me.

If you haven’t started thinking about your retirement and how you are going to fund those living years for yourself, I want you to think about it. Please reach out.

Develop yourself and rise above!
— Sophie Boyko

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