đź’™Emotions in Business

I felt bad the last time we met.

I want to talk about my feelings with you. My feelings are important to me.


I don’t understand why people say, “There is no place for emotions in business.”

In my opinion, emotions drive business.

Businesses that are winning are those businesses that make a strong human-to-human connection. I don’t know how you make a strong human-to-human connection if you don't feel your emotions.

Human beings ARE emotional beings. To be able to connect with another human being, you need to be able to feel what’s going on in the conversation and energetic field. You need to be able to feel if you yourself are angry, or frustrated, or sad, or disappointed, or happy, or feeling joy, or feeling love, and you also need to be able to feel if the person on the other side of the conversation is feeling any of those emotions, so that you can bring them to a place of feeling good when they're with you.

If you’re in a conversation with someone and they feel fearful, angry, frustrated, and disappointed, and you don’t acknowledge it and you don’t do or say anything to ease their discomfort and re-establish trust, I’m not so sure they’re going to want to build a relationship with you, much less do business with you.

I believe that you need to have strong empathy and compassion. I believe that you need to show up with authenticity. I believe that you need to have integrity. I believe you need to make a deep, human-to-human connection, a heart-to-heart connection.

I believe that if you bring more love to all of your business interactions, as in love your people and seriously care about them; care about their hopes, dreams, desires, fears, disappointments, and what frustrates them, you will have a conversation and a dialogue between the two of you that will create an openness and a trust that has you walk hand-in-hand in partnership toward a common goal.

I don’t believe that you can have the connection if you don’t feel. I believe your feelings inform how you are listening, and then from there the quality of the questions that you’re asking.

How you are listening and the questions that you’re asking create the conversation that bonds the two of you together. Your feelings and emotions matter—they tell you if you are on track or off track with the business conversation you are having. If you don’t feel good do or say something that makes you feel good—if you feel that the other person isn’t feeling good, do or say something to make them feel good.

– Sophie Boyko


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