💙 Women Inherit $900 Billion

Women Inherit $900 Billion in next 7 years.

The largest economic transfer of wealth in history is happening now!

Women Inherit $900 Billion

There’s a statistic that by the year 2020 women will inherit $900 billion.

That means there is going to be the largest economic transfer of wealth from men to women in history.

Men, this video is for you. The reason this video is for you is because I want to talk to you about how to engage the uprising female market. What you may have done in the past to gain a new client may not work in the future because what you may find is that your new client is no longer a man, it’s a woman. And how you engage with a man is very different than how you engage with a woman.

In light of this I want to share with you what women want to help you engage with the female market so you can continue to grow your business.

Women want to work with someone—a man or a woman; doesn’t matter—someone they trust, who they feel understands them, listens to them, and cares about them. The old model of getting business from your client and it being transactional isn’t necessarily going to work for you in the future; and specifically won’t work for you if you’re trying to engage with a woman because, in my opinion, she’s going to assess you very differently than a man.

Your opportunity is to grow your empathy skills, your compassion skills, listening skills, and your questioning skills. Really make the woman feel heard, appreciated, and understood. Authentically care about her vision, thoughts, fears, and challenges. Care about her feelings. Care about what keeps her up at night. And then present your solution to solve those issues for her, and once she really feels like you’ve listened to her and asked her questions that have engaged her and added value to her and that she can trust you, then she’ll give you her business.

Ask yourself, men: where is it you feel you could do better at developing yourself so that you can engage with the female market? Is it your need to be more empathetic? Do you need to be more compassionate? Do you need to build more trust? Do you need to listen at a deeper level to really understand her feelings? Or do you need to ask better questions?

The business landscape is changing. An economic transfer of wealth is happening, now!

If you’re not getting as many wins as you’d like and you need to change your approach, think about where you can start to up your game in being compassionate, empathetic, building trust, listening, asking questions, making her feel heard, and understood. And if you feel like you have an area that you want to really develop reach out, I want to help.

Relationship First, Money Second.
If the relationship is right the money will be right.
— - Sophie Boyko

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