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To be good in business I had to be developed.

There are so many ways I needed to be developed. Here are a few.

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I believe that to be a great businessperson in today’s business landscape, it takes 3 things.

  • It takes being your full, authentic self, meaning you’re fully self-expressed.

  • It takes being great at emotional intelligence, which means understanding another human being’s emotions and being able to connect and create a powerful human-to-human connection.

  • It takes having masterful business acumen.

Let me start with the first one: being fully self-expressed and being your authentic self.

Ask yourself: are you somebody who comes to the table—to the business table—with your entire being? Are you using your voice, intuition, feelings, emotions, and speaking your truth to connect with the other human being at the other side of the table?

The second one is being emotionally intelligent.

Are you somebody who can listen at such a deep level that when somebody communicates to you, you can hear the emotion behind what’s being said? When you can hear the emotion behind what’s being said, you can really connect and create a strong human-to-human connection. When you can do that, you then build stronger rapport, stronger relationships, and then you drive your business.

The third one is being masterful in your business acumen.

All of us need to be developed in order to have masterful business acumen and succeed in today’s business landscape.

I believe there are 4 areas to develop business acumen mastery:

  • Leadership

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or in the corporate world, I believe we all need strong leadership skills: leadership of ourselves, others, and groups.

  • Sales

I believe we need great sales skills because everything that we do, every conversation that we’re having, is actually a sales conversation. This is because you’re trying to inspire someone to either say something, adopt a behavior, or buy something.

  • Public Speaking

I believe to be great in business we need to be great at speaking in front of a group.

  • Negotiations

Being successful with business acumen is all about creating influence. In order to foster that, we need strong negotiation skills.

Ask yourself: where do you believe you need to be developed in order to win more business and be great in business?

  • Do you need a little more personal development so you can show up more authentically, use your voice, and trust your intuition?

  • Do you need to exude more compassion, more assertiveness, and have more confidence?

  • Do you need to be strong at being able to listen for another human being’s emotion so you can connect at that deeper level, build rapport, relationships, and drive your business forward?

  • Or do you actually need to be stronger in your business acumen, which means the skills and practices required to be a better leader, better salesperson, negotiator, and public speaker?

I want to share with you where I felt I needed to be personally developed and where I spent the last 10 years developing myself. It was actually in all 4 categories.

I needed more personal development in terms of showing up more authentically, speaking my truth, honouring my voice, and listening to my intuition. I wanted to be able to show up more authentically for myself, because when I first started out in business I was told that “there is no place for feelings and emotions in business”—so I really denied my feelings and suppressed my intuition, and didn’t really speak my truth. I came more from a place of proving and more from a place of being competitive, and task-oriented. I really needed some personal development in those areas.

I truly needed to develop my business acumen, as well. I needed stronger leadership skills. I needed to not be bossy and tell people what to do. I needed to be able to communicate in a way that engaged people and inspired them and empowered them to take action.

I also needed a bit more business acumen in terms of how to conduct a meeting properly, how to build up my talks, and how to deliver them. Even in negotiations, I did not understand the full negotiating process, so I didn’t win as much as I would have liked to.

I can see myself as always really good at listening. I still feel like I can hear and connect really well with people and understand where they are coming from. However, I also needed a lot more support and development around business acumen; my practices and strategies around leadership, sales, negotiation, and public speaking.

I was always great in sales because I was a great closer, but I didn’t necessarily understand the full sales process. So while I was great at being a hard closer, I wasn’t necessarily smooth and fluid with the process. Once I learned the process, I could ease off the gas pedal in the closing part of it and really build a stronger relationship with somebody so I could make the entire interaction feel more enjoyable for both them and for me.

I want you to think about how much more enjoyable your life would be and how much more successful you would be in business if you showed up with your true self—all of yourself—in your full self-expression and your authenticity. I want you to imagine that you speak your truth and you use your intuition. What would that be like for you as an experience in your life and in your business?

I also want you to think about what it would be like for you, your customers, or your team members if you were able to build a stronger human-to-human connection by listening for what they’re saying in terms of their emotions and feelings. Not just for what the facts are, but for what their emotions are. What kind of connection would that create for you and them, and how would you feel about that?

I also want you to think how it would make you feel both personally and professionally if you understood the practices, processes, and skills behind sales, negotiations, leadership, and presentation, so you can just knock that stuff out of the park and not have any fear around it. How would that make you feel?

The more you connect through feelings the more your business grows.
— Sophie Boyko

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