💙 Focus on Positive-Talk

I just don’t think you can be positive all the fucking time!

This “just be positive and focus on positive thoughts,” I got to be honest with you, I think it’s a little bit of bullshit.

balance is bullshit

I just don’t think you can be positive all the fucking time. I actually think it’s inauthentic. I mean, we’re human beings, for crying out loud. Reality is more like we experience all the emotions in the spectrum.

Yes, positivity, joy, happiness, greatness, self-empowerment—yes, those are on the spectrum— OBVIOUSLY!! Yes, we want to experience those, BUT we also experience fear, anger, frustration, doubt, worry, some deep sadness, and grieving. C’mon, let’s be honest now.

It’s been said you actually can’t experience love and joy, or you can’t experience the depths of love and joy that’s available if you don’t go into the depths of your sadness. I personally believe I got to go through my own sadness and feelings and let go of some bullshit in my life that’s happened to me in order to experience more joy.

I just get a little bit upset and perturbed about how everybody just keeps saying:

  • “Be happy, be positive.” Fuck that shit!

  • Experience your sadness.

  • Experience your grief.

  • Cry, release it, let it go.

That’s how you create more space in the body to let more love in. You can’t actually just pour love on top of shit. You can’t just bring in more love and experience more joy if you haven’t let go of the grief and sadness that you’ve experienced.

I feel like so many people out there are just saying, “Be positive,” and I think it’s a load of shit. I think we actually need to be full human beings and explore our sadness and explore our grief and explore our fear and face it and feel it and cry it out and let it go to create more space for more new amazing feelings to come in.

For a long time I was tricked, thinking there was something wrong with me. I just “wasn’t happy enough” or “positive enough.” I was told that my feelings of fear and doubt and worry and sadness and grief were these feelings no other human being felt, and that we just weren’t supposed to feel them.

But the truth of the matter is, we’re here for a human experience. And the human experience is feeling all feelings. So feel your sadness, give yourself a day or a week or a month and allow yourself to feel it. And let it go. It’s the only way—to get to happy. In my opinion.

Growth happens when we feel and let go.
— Sophie B.

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