Rotman's Sales Club (Extract 01)


Behind every sale is a moment of Courage & Trust.

Often times when I ask a room full of people what they think of when they think of sales they respond with relationships, making people buys stuff, coercion, force, lies and the most referred to personality is --- car salesman.

Sales has never had any of those meanings for me. I’ve been in sales my entire career, started as an inbound Cantel Mobile Phone sales rep back when I was in high school --- many moons ago. In my heart of hearts I believe sales is what makes the business world work.

You can have the best logistics, operations and produce BUT without sales you have no revenue and no business, in my opinion you have a passion project.

Often salespeople get a bad rap. That’s sad for me, people in sales have to be courageous and build trust on a moment-to-moment basis. Courageous enough to ask the tough question, courageous enough to be authentic, courageous enough to trust their intuition, courageous enough to handle customer complaints, objection and courageous enough to deliver bad news and walk away when the deal isn’t right.  

In this video I share my insights on how sales is really a conversation between 2 people, the importance of emotional intelligence and being able to read your buyer’s energy   I talk about what the sales cycle is and how acquiring the client is the toughest part of the sales cycle.


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