Rotman's Sales Club (Extract 02)


Sales people that ask tough questions bring more value.

I don’t often hear the words Sales and Emotional Intelligence in the same sentence let alone in the same workshop. For me your ability to listen and ask questions comes from your ability to be vulnerable, open and brave.

I’ve worked with thousands of sales people across North America and there is a recognizable difference between the ones that are top performers and the ones that struggle. Top performers take the time to understand their client fully.

Top performers ask deep questions about their client’s hopes and dreams, their vision their goals and they ask the tough questions about their client’s challenges, barriers and fears. I’ve noticed that for my own success and the success of top salespeople success lies in the quality of the questions.

When you ask tough questions that no one else asks, you add value by causing your client to think of things they haven’t thought of. Then and only then is the foundation set for you to partner with your client in creating the best solution.

Here’s a snapshot of my workshop with Rotman School of Business where I talk about these things.


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