Rotman's Sales Club (Extract 03)


Are your assumptions losing you sales?

I must admit that these days competition in any industry is fierce and having an original product is pretty much impossible. What set’s organizations and products apart is the sales person.

Most sales people I see selling on features and benefits are struggling. The key to standing out from your competition is being connected to your purpose and knowing what legacy you want to leave – that’s when passion is ignited.

Passion that comes from your heart energy is palpable. It has a beat to it that attracts others, it has a conviction that to it that has people commit and it has a fun factor that cannot be met.

Are you happy about the product or service you sell?

Here’s a snap shot of my workshop with Rotman School of Business where I talk about how being happy and passionate, connected to your purpose and knowing the legacy you want to leave will give you the courage to ask more questions so you don’t let any assumption get in the way of you helping your client!


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