Rotman's Sales Club (Extract 06)


Authenticity and being your true self is what sells.

When I’ve gone into companies to train sales reps, often times I am asked by the leader or the business owner to have everyone clone their top performer --- THAT NEVER WORKS!

It is not possible for people to be authentic and fully self-expressed if they are copying what another person is doing. Now I get it, the top rep may have processes and procedures that we want to follow – sure – that makes sense.

How they speak, behave and show up is unique to them and when copied only makes the clone occur fake. AND, no one relates to fake.

What has always worked for me and the people I’ve coached is to learn the skills and processes – YES – and, more importantly, learn how to be true and authentic.

For myself when I’ve copied another person’s way of selling, I was left insecure, uncertain, like I failed and disconnected. When I started to speak from my heart and really listen to the client and be in flow of the conversation is when things really turned around for me.

Here’s a snap shot from my workshop with Rotman School of Business where I share my insights the value of being authentic and how it’s the pathway to fulfilling your purpose and experiencing joy.


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