Rotman's Sales Club (Extract 11)



Creating an energetic connection when selling your product or service will leave you feeling happy and fulfilled.

So many times when I’ve coached sales people they do their prework – they show up to their meeting with a list of questions. When they get to the meeting the do what they can to build rapport, get related and find some way to conenct. We all know the deeper the connection, the deeper the relationship the better chance we have at closing.

The disconenction happens when they start to ask questions. The breakdown happens in the listening. The sales person isn’t as present as they could be, doesn’t hear the sublte cues the client is offering and missess the opportunity to connect deeply. Instead, the sales person sticks to their script, asks question after question, shows up like an interviewer and doesn’t leave the client feeling heard and understood.

Here’s a snap shot from my workshop with Rotman School of Business where I share how being present is what helps you track the conversation and create an energetic connection.

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