Rotman's Sales Club (Extract 14)



Objection handling is all mindset and can be the key to you feeling fulfilled and satisfied with your work.

Sales are won and lost with your mindset. The unfortunate thing is most of us feel like we’ve hit resistance and the client is not interested in what we are selling when we hear an objection – NOT TURE! This is where mindset comes in; if you think objections are negative you’ve lost the sale.

If you think objections are your client’s way of asking for more information and are an opportunity for you to add value, understand their point of view and ask questions to learn more, you have separate yourself from your competition and position yourself as a partner.

The funny thing is, you get to be creative and innovative and strategic in objection handling because often times your client has you think outside the box. This all leads to more satisfaction and success with the work you do.

Here’s a snap shot from my workshop with Rotman School of Business where I share what objections are and how to lean into them so you get more satisfaction from the work you do.

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