Rotman's Sales Club (Extract 18)



Keep asking and don’t skip steps.

The most important skill in identifying needs with your client is asking questions and to recap what your client is saying.  

Many sales people I coach stop too soon. You may have heard the saying, mine for the gold – it’s the same in sales, keep digging until you have everything you need before you move forward.

Sales is a series of steps, don’t skip to the next step before you have uncovered what your client needs and why they need it!

Here’s a snap shot from my workshop with Rotman School of Business where I demonstrate how I lean into a mock conversation with a client interaction to identify their needs. Notice how I keep asking questions, sometimes over and over and how I recap what he says and give it back to him to make sure I don’t miss anything and to make sure I’m getting it  --- my math is off!

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